Sergio Massaioli

  • Power Converters and Inverters
  • Non-Linear Time-Dependent circuits
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal IC design
  • Biomedical circuits and sensor interfaces
  • Numerical methods for circuit Analysis and Design
  • High reliability design for mission-critical systems

Career overview

Sergio Massaioli was born in Rome (Italy) in 1996.

Since July 2021 he is working towards a PhD degree in "Active bi-directional high-spatial density neural interfaces for post-stroke treatment" at the ESAT-MICAS research division, under guidance of Prof. Georges Gielen.

His previous work experience includes the design and testing of ultra-compact Power Conditioning and Distribution Units for various spacecrafts for Thales Alenia Space.

In 2018 he obtained the bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis entitled "Study of a THz rectifier in CMOS technology". In 2020 he obtained the master degree in Electronics Engineering at La Sapienza University, 110/110 cum laude. His thesis title was : "Circuits for Power Management on Picosatellites". The work was carried out at the AerosPower Laboratory at the School of Aerospace Engineering in Rome, and it was concluded with the successful launch campaign of the designed satellite.


Solid State Rectifier as Terahertz Detector Sergio Massaioli, Rosario Rao, and Fabrizio Palma · Conference Proceeding · Jan 1. 2018 2018 AEIT INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE; 2018; pp.

Awards & honors

  • "Gouden Krijtjes" as "Beste Assistent Elektrotechniek semester 1 2022-2023"


  • Computer-Aided IC Design, A.Y. 2023/2024
  • Biomedical Measurements and Stimulation, A.Y. 2023/2024
  • Computer-Aided IC Design, A.Y. 2022/2023
  • Computer-Aided IC Design, A.Y. 2021/2022