Our Alumni

NameThesis TitleYear of Graduation
Tuur Van Daele Fully Integrated High-Voltage DC-DC and AC-DC Conversion 2024
Joren Vaes PCB-Embedded Polymer Waveguides for Flexible Interconnnects 2024
Bob Vanhoof Ultra Low Leakage Power SRAM for Biomedical and IOT Applications 2024
Gabriel Guimaraes CMOS Terahertz Systems: From Circuits to Applications 2024
Ariane De Vroede Terahertz Receivers in CMOS for Imaging Applications 2024
Steven Colleman Modeling and Analysis for Efficient Hardware Mapping of Neural Network Algorithms 2024
Nektar Xama Automated Design-for-Test and Data-Learning-based Methods for Testing of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits 2023
Xiaohua Huang Multiplexed Acquisition Systems for High-Resolution Brain Mapping and Emerging Brain-Machine Interfaces: Where CMOS Meets TFT 2023
Rohith Acharya Characterization and Modelling of the Quantum-Classical Interface for Scalable Superconducting Quantum Computing 2023
Lynn Verschueren Design, Driving, and Compensation for High-Resolution Active Matrix Displays 2023
Tim Thielemans Fully Integrated Switched Capacitor Converters towards High Density Capacitive Energy Storage 2023
Marko Bakula Scalable Technologies for High Bandwidth Neural Interfacing 2023
Peishuo Li Microelectronics for Microbiology 2023
Carl D'heer THz and Sub-THz CMOS Electronics for High-Speed Telecommunication 2023
Linyan Mei Design Space Exploration of Deep Learning Accelerators 2023
Thomas Bos Ultrasonic Communication Through the Human Body: Channels, Modems and Hardware for Ultrasonic Communication Connections 2023
Valdrin Qunaj mm-Wave Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication in Advanced Semiconductor Technologies 2023
Vikram Jain Towards Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems-on-Chip for Edge Machine Learning 2023
Koen Goetschalckx Optimizing Embedded Vision Efficiency across the Hardware-Dataflow-Algorithm Stack 2023
Maarten Herbosch Intelligent Contracting: Legal Aspects of the Precontractual Use of Artificial Intelligence 2023
Jaro De Roose Ultra Low Power Adaptive Sensor Nodes 2023
Nimish Shirishbhai Shah Embedded Execution of Irregular Dataflow Graphs: Hardware/Software Co-optimization for Probabilistic AI and Sparse Triangular Systems 2023
Dragan Simic THz Electronics in CMOS Technologies 2022
Elisa Sacco Design of Highly-Digital High-Performance Analog Integrated Sensor Readout Interfaces 2022
Umut Çelik mmWave PA Design for the Next Generation Communication Networks in 22nm FD-SOI 2022
Mohit Kumar Gupta SRAM Design in Super Scaled CMOS Technologies 2022
Olga Syshchyk Hybrid III-V Nano-ridge Based Devices: Study of Defects and their Impact on Performance 2022
Qiuyang Lin High Dynamic Range ICs for Photoplethysmogram Application 2022
Nicolas Pantano Impact of Emerging Electrical and Optical 3D Integration Techologies on High Bandwidth Interconnect Systems 2021
Elly De Pelecijn Fully Integrated High Voltage Power Conversion towards Efficient Mains Facing Standby Converters 2021
Roel Uytterhoeven Energy Efficient Digital Circuits Through Minimum Energy Point Operation at Near-Threshold Voltages 2021
Bart Philippe Millimeter-wave Circuits in Nanoscale CMOS 2021
Juan Sebastian Piedrahita Giraldo Embedded Machine Learning for Efficient Keyword Spotting 2021
Simon Ooms Millimeter Wave Circuits for Directive Communication Links with Dielectric Fibers 2021
Sander Smets Highly Parallel Architectures - Programmable Pipeline Systems as a Solution to the Memory Bottleneck 2021
Athanasios Ramkaj Multi-GHz Bandwidth Power-Efficient Nyquist A/D Conversion: Architecture and Circuit Innovations in Deep-Scaled CMOS 2021
Tom Molderez Microelectronics for Microorganisms – Measurement Instrumentation and Optimization Algorithms for Electroactive Biofilms 2021
Jonas Doevenspeck In-Memory Neural Network Computing with Resistive Memories 2021
Maarten Baert Advanced Architectures for Time-based Analog-to-Digital Converters 2021
Laura Isabel Galindez Olascoaga Hardware-Aware Probabilistic Models: Learning, Inference and Use Cases 2020
Kaizhe Guo Design of THz Radiators in Nanometer CMOS 2020
Sina Sadeghpour Shamsabadi Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (PMUT) for Underwater Sensor Networks 2020
Koen de Wijs Micro Bubble-jet Cell Sorter 2020
Alexander Standaert Data Communication Through Polymer Waveguides 2020
Wouter Diels Integrated Opto-Electronics in Bulk CMOS for Telecommunications 2020
Hui Liu Power-Efficient Wide-Bandwidth Continuous-Time ∆Σ CMOS ADCs for Wireless Communications 2020
Bram Lips MEMS Technology for Flex and Stretch Monolithic Silicon Systems 2020
Vahip Baris Esen Design for Sub-ppm Testability of High-Voltage Mixed-Signal and Analog Integrated Circuits 2020
Mohammad Ayodhia Soebadi Novel Assessment Techniques for in vivo Bladder Physiology in Animal Models 2020
Tristan Weydts Exploration of Bladder Wall Physiology by an Implantable Accelerometer Network 2019
Dries Kil Design and Microfabrication of Flexible Neural Probes for Chronic Applications 2019
Ivan Dario Castro Miller Robust Capacitively-Coupled Electrocardiography and Bioimpedance for Unobtrusive Health Monitoring 2019
Jorge Marin Time-based Techniques for the Design of Area-Efficient and Robust CMOS Sensor Interface Circuits 2019
Stijn Ceuppens Learning of Physics and Mathematics Concepts in an Integrated STEM Curriculum 2019
Robin Theunis Wireless Indoor Ranging Systems 2019
Maxime De Wit CMOS Millimeter Wave Circuits for Dielectric Waveguide Communication 2019
Luigi Brancato Towards improving biocompatibility in implantable monitoring 2019
Grim Keulemans Miniature pressure sensors for the high temperature domain 2019
Yang Zhang Co-design of Mm-wave Interfaces, Duplexers and CMOS Transmitters 2019
Leen Goovaerts Development and Assessment of iSTEM Competencies 2019
Komail Badami Power Efficient Analog and Mixed-Signal Architectures for Sensing Systems 2019
Jolien De Meester Designing iSTEM Learning Materials for Secondary Education 2019
Florian De Roose Advanced Mixed-Mode Design in Thin-Film Technologies on Flex 2019
Saurabh Agarwal CMOS Circuitry for the Wavelength Locking of a Ring-Based Silicon Photonics Transmitter 2018
Laura Geukens Development of an Electrowetting-Based Microconveyor 2018
Juan Carlos Peña Ramos Digital Enhancement of SAR ADCs 2018
Nicolas Butzen Fully Integrated Advanced Multiphasing Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters 2018
Steven Lauwereins Cross-Layer Self-Adaptivity for Ultra-Low Power Responsive IoT Devices 2018
Hans Reyserhove Efficient Design of Variation-Resilient Ultra-Low Energy Digital Processors 2018
Marko Simicic Reliability aware simulation and validation for analog/mixed signal circuits in sub-32 nm CMOS 2018
Tarun Kumar Agarwal Device-Circuit Co-Design of 2D Material Based Devices for Future Electronics 2018
Bert Moons Embedded Deep Learning -- Algorithms, Architectures and Circuits for always-on Neural Network Processing 2018
Filipe Baumgratz Design of wideband CMOS building block circuits for receivers from 0.5 up to 4 GHz 2018
Rachit Mohan Time-based Biomedical Readout Circuits in Low-Voltage Nanometer CMOS 2018
Niels Van Thienen Polymer Microwave Fiber (PMF) Communication Links 2018
Luis Leon Hoffman Silicon nitride photonics for optogenetics: design and fabrication of in vitro and in vivo multi-electrode-optrode arrays 2018
Jeffrey Prinzie Radiation Hardened CMOS Integrated Circuits for Time-Based Signal Processing 2017
Athanasios Sarafianos Fully-Integrated Wide-Input-Range and Two-Quadrant Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters 2017
Paramartha Indirayanti Design Techniques for Power Efficient Millimeter Wave Transmitters in Nanoscale CMOS 2017
Anthony Coyette Automatic Defect-Oriented Test Generation for Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits 2017
Bram Faes Design of highly controllable and low jitter CMOS circuits for wide-band and radiation applications 2017
Yanxiang Huang Cross-Layer Optimization for Power-Efficient and Robust Digital Circuits and Systems 2017
Marco Vigilante mm-Wave building blocks for future 5G transceivers in deep-scaled CMOS 2017
Raf Appeltans Embedded STT-MRAM Cell Design in and beyond 10 nm finFET Nodes 2017
Wouter Steyaert THz electronics design in nanometer CMOS 2017
Ha Le-Thai High-Speed and Low-Noise Readout Circuitry for CMOS Image Sensors 2017
Ioannis Karageorgos Impact of Interconnect Advanced Patterning Options on Circuit Design 2017
Iman Khajenasiri Design and implementation of UWB transceivers for Internet of Things applications 2017
Mai Sallam Plasmonic Waveguides and Nano-Antennas for Optical Communications 2017
Shailesh Kulkarni Design techniques for CMOS broadband circuits towards 5G wireless communication 2017
Jeroen Lecoutere Wireless Wearable Electronics in Biomedical and Sports Applications 2016
Bart Boesman Spherical Wave Based Macromodelling for EMC/EMI System Analysis 2016
Vladimir Rozic Circuit-Level Optimizations for Cryptography; True Random Number Generators: Design, Evaluation and Testing 2016
Pieter Gijsenbergh Capacitive Sensing for Microfluidic Systems 2016
Phalguni Tewari Kumar Digital lab-on-a-chip for single cell analysis 2016
Nico De Clercq Fully-integrated CMOS receivers for high precision localization 2016
Dries Doornaert Intraocular electro-optic lens with focus control for cataract patients 2016
Peng Zhu Wide-bandwidth power-efficient VCO-based Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converters 2016
Tuba Ayhan Design and implementation of mm-precise ranging for indoor positioning systems 2016
Li Chunshu Algorithm and Architecture Co-optimization for Digital Enhancements of Deep Submicron CMOS Transceivers 2016
Hans Meyvaert High-ratio voltage conversion in CMOS for efficient mains-connected standby 2016
Wouter Volkaerts Millimeter Wave Oscillators and Transceivers in Nanoscale CMOS 2015
Dries Vanoost An Axial Solid State Motor based on an Anisotropic Controllable Ferromagnetic Composite Material 2015
Seppe Dierckx Design of a whole cell bioreporter for the construction of a hormone biosensor 2015
Hans De Clercq Exploring Novel Personal Health Concepts 2015
Piet Callemeyn Fully-integrated CMOS DC-AC converters 2015
Adi Xhakoni High-Frame-Rate and High-Dynamic-Range Imager Readout Circuits for CIS and Stacked Technology 2015
Maarten Strackx Pulsed UWB Radar Design for Remote Sensing 2015
Dixian Zhao CMOS Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers and Transmitters 2015
Henk Motte Fully Integrated, High Performance Building Blocks for Multimedia Communication over POF 2015
Brecht Francois Design Techniques for CMOS RF Power Amplifiers 2015
Nele Reynders Ultra-Low-Voltage Design of Energy-Efficient Digital Circuits 2014
Michal Rakowski CMOS Circuitry for Low Power Ring-based Silicon Photonics Optical Link 2014
Jelle Van Rethy Time-Based Energy-Efficient Sensor Interface Circuits 2014
Ercan Kaymaksut CMOS Transformer-Based Doherty Power Amplifiers 2014
Tiannan Guan Functional Polymers for Microsystems: Micromachining and Applications 2014
Bram Rooseleer Ultra Low Power High Speed SRAM Design 2014
Adrian Chasin Amorphous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor based Thin-Film Electronic Devices for RF Applications on Foil 2014
Joseph Zekry Microsystems Encapsulation using Nanoporous Alumina 2014
Maarten Tytgat CMOS Millimeter Wave Receivers 2014
Tom Redant Digitizer Architectures for Short-Range Wireless Localization in Nanoscale CMOS 2014
Valentijn De Smedt Temperature- and Supply Voltage-independent Time References for Wireless Sensor Networks 2014
Kameswaran Vengattaramane Reconfigurable All-Digital Time-to-Digital Converter for Digital PLL 2014
Noël Deferm RF-CMOS Integrated Circuits for mm-Wave Wireless telecommunication 2014
Ying Cao Radiation-Tolerant CMOS Delta-Sigma Time-to-Digital Converters 2013
Fridolin Michel Precision Circuit Techniques with Low Susceptibility to EMI 2013
Jozef van Beek Een piëzo-resistieve, MEMS gebaseerde oscillator voor toepassing als frequentie referentie 2013
Dimitri De Jonghe Compact Modeling of Performance and Reliability of Mixed-Signal Circuits 2013
Gerard Klaasse Piezo Electrical Actuation for RF MEMS 2013
Thi Kim Thoa Nguyen Microsystem Design and Signal Processing Towards Closed-Loop Bi-Directional Neural Interfaces 2013
Xinpeng Xing Design of High-Bandwidth Low-Power Delta-Sigma Modulators 2013
Hans Danneels CMOS, Time-based, Digital-Oriented, Integrated Sensor Interfaces 2013
Vladimir Ceperic Black-box Modelling of Analogue and Mixed-Signal Circuits in the Time Domain 2013
Pieter Nuyts Continuous-Time Digital Front-Ends for Multistandard Wireless Transmission 2013
Pieter De Wit Design for Variability and Reliability of Analog Integrated Circuits in Nanometer CMOS Technology 2013
Lianggong Wen Polymer and SiGe low temperature processing for capacitive accelerometer 2013
Maarten Driesen Plasma technology for surface micro fabrication 2013
Kris Myny Organic Digital Circuits by Technology Improvement and Robust Digital Design 2013
Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri A Polymer-based Transdermal Drug Delivery System using Microneedles 2012
Joumana El-Rifai Fabrication of Poly-SiGe MEMS Structures with a Substrate Temperature Budget of 250°C 2012
Elie Maricau Analog IC Reliability in Nanometer CMOS - Transistor Modeling and Circuit Simulation 2012
Cedric Walravens Ultra-low-power Digital Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes 2012
Carolina Mora Lopez Design of Low-Noise Integrated Circuits for In Vivo Neural Interfaces 2012
Pavel Poliakov Modeling and Exploration of Novel Non-Volatile Memory Technologies 2012
Bo Liu Computational Intelligence Techniques for Automated Design of Analog and High-frequency Circuits 2012
Anselme Vignon DRAM Circuit Techniques for Low Energy, High Speed Memory Architectures 2012
Brecht Machiels Distributed Amplification in CMOS 2012
Vibhu Sharma Ultra Low Energy SRAM Design for Computation Intensive Wireless Sensor Nodes 2012
Tom Van Breussegem Monolithic Capacitive CMOS DC-DC Converters 2012
Kristof Wouters Technology for polymer materials in microelectromechanical systems (PMEMS) 2012
Hagen Marien Analog Building Blocks for Organic Smart Sensor Systems on Foil 2012
Philippe Jourand Biomedical instrumentation for implantable and wearable sensor systems 2012
Xu Wu High speed Digital-to-Analog Converters for Telecommunication Systems 2012
Guruprasad Katti Characterization and Modeling of Through Silicon Via (TSV) and its impact on 3D Circuits and Systems 2011
Burak Okcan Cryogenic CMOS Analog to Digital Converters 2011
Jef Thoné Telemetry for Capsule Endoscopy - Design & Implementations 2011
Soheil Radiom Antenna and Interface Circuits for Ultra-Low-Power WSN and RFID Tags 2011
Marco Facchini Design Challenges and Solutions for Memory Organization Using 3D-Integrated Circuit Technology 2011
Christophe De Roover Wireless energy supply and low power circuits for RFID applications 2011
Athanasios Stefanou Analysis and Modelling of the Impact of Substrate Noise on Flash Analog-to-Digital Converters 2011
Zheng Li System-level exploration for ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks 2011
Lianming Li Frequency Generation Circuits for 60 GHz Applications 2011
Yi Ke Design of Reconfigurable A/D converter for 4G radios 2011
Jorg Daniels Time-Based Analog-to-Digital Converters for Broadband Communication Applications 2011
Pieter Palmers Systematic Design of Digital-to-Analog converters for Telecommunication Applications 2011
Filip Tavernier Optical Receivers with Integrated Photodiode in Nanometer-Scale CMOS 2011
Robert Modlinski CREEP IN MEMS: Failures in MEMS due to Creep, Plasticity and Processing-Microstructure-Temperature Related Mechanisms 2011
Arno Aarts 3D Interconnect Technology for Out-of-Plane Biomedical Microprobe Arrays 2011
Steve Stoffels Extensional Mode SiGe MEM-Resonators: Design, Modelling and Fabrication 2010
Marie Garcia Bardon Modeling, Fabrication and Characterization of Suspended Gate Transistors 2010
Riccardo Carta Wireless Power and Data Transmision for Robotic Capsule Endoscopes 2010
Piotr Czarnecki Impact of Charging Mechanisms on the Reliability of RF MEMS Devices 2010
Mike Wens Monolithic Inductive CMOS DC-DC Converters: Theoretical Study & Implementation 2010
Junfeng Zhou Automotive IC Design Techniques for Lower Electromagnetic Emission 2010
Koen Cornelissens Delta-Sigma A/D Converter Design in Nanoscale CMOS 2010
Yves Vanderperren Development of a Digital, Low Power and Flexible UWB Receiver 2010
Johan Loeckx Methods for Simulating and Analysing the Effects of EMC on Integrated Circuits 2010
Phillip Ekkels Metal Surface Micromachining Technologies for Implementation in RF-MEMS Switching Devices 2010
Nick Van Helleputte Low-Power Analog Front-Ends for Pulse-Based Ultra-Wideband Receivers With Ranging Capabilities 2010
Frederik Ceyssens Micromachining in Polymers and Glass: Process Development and Applications 2009
Stefan Cosemans Variability-Aware Design of Low Power SRAM Memories 2009
Pieter Crombez Fully Reconfigurable Analog Baseband Circuits for Multimode Radios 2009
Mehmet Akif Erismis Actuation mechanisms for in vivo biomedical applications 2009
Peter Geens Active Supply Control in Static Random Access Memories 2009
Jean-Michel Redoute Design of EMI Resisting Analog Integrated Circuits 2009
Tom Sterken Micro-Electromechanical Energy Harvesters 2009
Johan Coosemans Wireless and Battery-Less Medical Monitoring Devices 2008
Ybe Creten Design of Deep Cryogenic CMOS Integrated Circuits 2008
Wouter De Cock Frequency Synthesis for Fully Integrated Wireless Receivers in Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Technologies 2008
Tom Eeckelaert Hierarchical Automatic Modeling and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits 2008
Bert Lenaerts Inductive links for omnidirectional wireless powering 2008
L. Lewi Monochorionic Diamniotic Twin Pregnancies Pregnancy outcome, risk stratification on early ultrasound scan and lessons learntand lessons learnt from placental examination 2008
Trent McConnaghy Variation-Aware Structural Synthesis and Knowledge Extraction of Analog Circuits 2008
Vaidy Subramanian Study of Analog and RF Performance of Multiple Gate Field Effect Transistors for Future CMOS Technologies 2008
Jeroen Van Ham Design and Instrumentation of Implants for Force Sensing and Actuation 2008
Wim Vereecken Pulse-based radio: reliable communication over a wideband channel 2008
Marian Verhelst Energy-Efficiency Driven Design of a Flexible Communication and Localization System 2008
Refet Firat Yazicioglu Biopotential Readout Circuits for Portable Acquisition Systems 2008
Evelyn Grossar Technology-aware design of SRAM memory circuits 2007
Carolien Hermans Broadband opto-electrical receivers with integrated photodiodes in standard CMOS 2007
Willem Laflere Integrated RF amplitude and phase modulators 2007
Ewout Martens High-level modeling and synthesis of analog integrated systems 2007
Raf Schoofs Design of high-speed continuous-time delta-sigma A/D converters for broadband communication 2007
Bert Serneels High voltage line drivers for xDSL in nanometer CMOS 2007
Hua Wang Word and decoder organisation exploration methodology of the generation of energy and delay trade-offs in embedded SRAMs 2007
Bruno Bougard Cross-layer energy management in broadband wireless transceivers 2006
Wouter Bracke Generic Architectures and Design Methods for Autonomous Sensors 2006
Tao Chen Systematic Design of Current-Steering Digital-to-Analog Converters 2006
Philippe Coppejans Optimization of CT low-pass and quadrature Delta-Sigma ADCs for digital data communication 2006
Jeroen De Coster Design and Characterisation of RF-MEMS Components 2006
Wolfgang Eberle Mixed Analog/Digital Exploration and Design for Wireless Broadband Transceivers 2006
Patrick Reynaert CMOS Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication 2006
Jurgen Deveugele Robust current-steering D/A converters 2005
Koen Mertens Implementation of fully integrated RF-CMOS power amplifiers 2005
Joao Ramos CMOS Operational and RF Power Amplifiers for Mobile Communications 2005
Libin Yao Low-power low-voltage sigma-delta A/D converters in deep-submicron CMOS 2005
Mustafa Badaroglu Gate-level characterization and reduction of substrate noise in digital integrated circuits 2004
Jan Bienstman Autonomous electromechanical resonators : exploiting nonlinearity and chaos for MEMS sensors 2004
Michael Catrysse Wireless power and data transmission for implantable and wearable monitoring systems 2004
Wim Claes An autonomous low-power CMOS datalogger IC for the registration of in vivo loads on oral implants 2004
Jeroen Croon Matching properties of deep sub-micron MOS transistors 2004
Manuel Innocent Use and modeling of MEMS variable capacitors for multi-GHZ radio applications 2004
Paul Leroux Low-noise amplification in CMOS high-frequency receivers 2004
S. Pamidighantam Theoretical and experimental investigations on electrostatically actuated freestanding metal and poly-Si micro-mechanical structures for RF-MEMS applications 2004
Xiaohong Peng Low-power high-performance multistage amplifiers 2004
W. Van Spengen MEMS reliability : stiction, charging and RF MEMS 2004
V. Vassilev CAD assisted ESD protection optimization for advanced digital and RF CMOS applications 2004
Kenneth Francken A Framework for Analyzing and Synthesizing High-Level and Circuit-Level Analog Blocks 2003
Erik Lauwers Techniques for systematic top-down analog circuit design, with application to high-frequency filters 2003
Tim Piessens High efficiency line drivers for xDSL 2003
Koen Uyttenhove High speed CMOS analog to digital converters 2003
Anne Van Den Bosch High resolution, high speed CMOS current-steering digital-to-analog converters 2003
Piet Vanassche Systematic Modeling and Analysis of Telecom Frontends and their Building Blocks 2003
Peter Vancorenland Low power building blocks for CMOS wireless receivers 2003
Martin Vogels Modeling and Simulation Techniques for oversampled data converters 2003
Marc Borremans High frequency CMOS Transmitter integration for wireless and broadband applications 2002
Walter Daems Symbolic Analysis and Modeling of Analog Integrated Circuits 2002
Dirk De Bruyker Intelligent Silicon Pressure Sensors 2002
Bram De Muer Monolithic CMOS Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers 2002
Carl De Ranter CMOS Integration of Analog Circuits for High Data Rate Transmitters 2002
Steve Reyntjens Three dimensional micromachining for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) 2002
Jan Vandenbussche Systematic design of analog IP macrocells 2002
Jian Wu Micro Amperometric and Impedimetric Sensors 2002
Geert Vanderplas A Computer-–Aided Design and Synthesis Environment for Analog Integrated Circuits 2001
Yves Geerts Design of high performance CMOS Delta-Sigma A/D Converters 2001
Johan Janssens Deep Submicron CMOS Cellular Receiver Front-Ends 2001
Mark Ingels CMOS interface circuits for optical communication 2000
Adriana Cozma Lapadatu Anodisch bonden als fabricagemethode voor druksensoren met zelftestfunctie 1999
Augusto Marques High speed CMOS data converters 1999
Jose Bastos Characterisation of MOS Transistor Mismatch for Analog Design 1998
Stephane Donnay Analog High-Level Design Automation in Mixed-Signal ASICS 1998
Koen Lampaert Analog layout generation for performance and manufacturability 1998
Vincenzo Peluso Low-voltage, Low-Power Design of CMOS sigma-delta A/D converters 1998
Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh Optimalisatie van inductieve vermogenoverdracht voor miniatuur biotelemetrie-implants 1998
Jan Craninckx Low-phase-noise fully integrated CMOS frequency synthesizers 1997
Jan Crols Full integration of wireless transceiver systems 1997
Wim Dehaene CMOS integrated circuits for analog signal processing in hard disk systems 1996
Paul Jacobs Planar conductometric biosensors and their application to haemodialysis monitoring 1996
Peter Kinget Analog VLSI integration of parallel signal processing systems 1996
Daniel Lapadatu Limits in miniaturisation of bulk micromachined capacitive accelerometers 1996
Raf Roovers High speed A/D converters in standard CMOS technology 1996
Anca Varlan Impedimetric measurements and microsensors for biological applications 1996
Piet Wambacq Symbolic analysis of large and weakly nonlinear analog integrated circuits 1996
Koen Swings Analog circuit design using constraint programming 1995
Patrick Wouters Intelligent and low power sensor interface systems for biotelemetry applications 1995
Eric Peeters Process development for 3D silicon microstructures, with application to mechanical sensor devices 1994
Guangming Yin High-performance analog-to-digital converters using cascaded sigma-delta modulators 1994
Wim Van Petegem Iterative solutions to electronic problems, based on finite element methods : electro-thermal simulation and electrical impedance tomography 1993
Alex Van den Bossche Automatic implantable defibrillator 1992
José Silva-Martinez Design techniques for high performance CMOS continuous-time filters 1992
Herman Walscharts Silicon compilation for switched-capacitor filters 1991
Jan Vanderschoot Analysis of biomedical vector signals by numerically reliable techniques 1991
Zhong Yuan Chang Low-noise wide-band amplifiers in CMOS and Bipolar technologies 1990
Georges Gielen Design automation for analogue integrated circuits 1990
Mark Van Paemel Prothesis for electrical ear stimulator 1990
Frank Op't Eynde High performance analogue interfaces for digital signal processors 1990
Marc Lambrechts Planar voltametric sensors 1989
Dirk Callaerts Signal separation methods based on singular value decomposition and their application to the real-time extraction of the fetal electrocardiogram from cutaneous recordings 1989
Anton Van Putten Integrated silicon anemometers 1988
Arthur Van Roermund Noise and accuracy in Switched Capacitor modulation circuits 1987
Michiel Steyaert Monolithic low-power data-acquisition system for biomedical purposes 1987
Kari Halonen Low power high performance SC circuits for data-acquisition systems 1987
Qiu Ting Huang Design techniques for optimum capacitor area efficiency in analog integrated circuits 1987
Paul Vandeloo Modeling of the MOS transistor for high frequency analog design 1987
Bob Puers Integrated signal processing of pressure sensor information for telemetry purposes 1986
Peter Van Peteghem Accuracy and realization of SC circuits in MOS technology 1986
Carl Das Realization and models of ion-implanted junction FETs in compatible processes 1984
Marc Degrauwe Study and realization of micropower filters with switched capacitors 1983
Walter Heyns Automatic layout of designs with general cells 1982
Willy Baudot The implanted Junction FET in integrated circuits 1980
Paul Six Comparative study of protection elements for pMOST integrated circuits 1980
Stefaan Peeters Study of the hearing function : model of the inner ear 1979
Herman Beke Computer aided Automatic layout of Integrated Circuits 1977
Johan Danneels Study and design of active semiconductor cross-points 1976