Educating for excellence

We train and guide talented PhD and postdoctoral students, to become trendsetters in micro- and nanoelectronics.
We involve bachelors and masters who are passionate about the world of chip design in our projects.
PhD level

MICAS is a dynamic research group of 6 professors and about 70 highly motivated researchers working towards a PhD degree. You want to become part of this success story?

Master level

The MICAS professors perform state-of-the-art research in the field of micro-electronics, and are happy to pass on this knowledge to their students in KU Leuven’s master programs.

Bachelor level

In the bachelor programs, the MICAS professors teach general electrical courses, introducing the students into the wonderful world of chip design.

MICAS gives you the opportunity to go through the entire chip design cycle from idea, design, manufacture to actually measure your own integrated circuit(s).
Thomas, PhD student
I think it’s crazy how diverse MICAS is, both in terms of people and in terms of research; I’m working on machine learning compilers, while my colleague just one desk away is working on electronics for quantum computers, and people only a few desks away are making +1THz oscillators. I find it difficult to imagine a hallway with such a diverse set of such talented people other than the MICAS hallway.
Josse, PhD student
What appeals to me most is the wide range in circuit analysis and design MICAS offers: I have had courses and projects dealing with analog amplifiers, analog and digital filters, filter banks, sample & hold, ADCs, DACs, mixers, oscillators, general purpose processors, ASIPs, ASICs, etc. This gives a broad view of the world of electronics and chips.
Bart, Master student
The first thing I thought of was: Lovely receptions;-)! But perhaps something with more substance? Then I thought of: A place filled to the brim with people passionate about circuits, but where you can also have a good chat about life outside of work.
Maxime, PhD student
MICAS provides the ideal work environment to stimulate high-level research: ultimate creative freedom, unlimited resources, and fun, knowledgeable, supportive colleagues.
Carl, PhD student
MICAS provides a unique environment to convert your ideas into cutting-edge semiconductor chips.
Nimish, PhD student
You can work with many international researchers having various backgrounds in the field of electronics. A lot of opportunities to design a chip in advanced technologies, to collaborate with world-wide companies and with imec.
Kodai, Postdoc
See yourself. See others. See the world. (from a Chinese Kung Fu Movie)
Linyan, PhD student
Great colleagues, lots of freedom and tons of (research) fun.
Kristof, PhD student