Event - 17 May 2024

Spin Qubit Simulations for QC Architecture Design

Lectured by Benjamin Gys (PhD at IMEC)


Modern society faces several problems that are too computationally expensive for classical computers. Quantum computers promise to solve these problems in an efficient way by taking advantage of the concepts of quantum mechanics. This is possible by building the computer based on a different elementary building block, the qubit, which is the quantum equivalent of the classical bit. Over the course of the past decade, substantial improvements in qubit technology have been made. However, the research on how to design actual multi-qubit systems is still in its infancy. Larger systems bring additional constraints like qubit interconnections, error correction, and control by classical CMOS circuitry operated at cryogenic temperatures. Just like for classical computers, modelling can play a key role in this development process. Bringing the design of the classical and quantum subsystems into a single simulation environment allows for the capture and analysis closed-loop effects that cannot be studied in a split design approach. This is desired because of the highly sensitive nature of the qubits. The main challenge here is simulating exponential computing power on binary classical machines.


17/5/2024 11:00 - 12:00