Event - 06 November 2023

PhD Defence: Tim Thielemans

Fully Integrated Switched Capacitor Converters towards High Density Capacitive Energy Storage


The rapid proliferation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices has underscored the critical importance of supply autonomy in modern and future electronic devices. Harvesting energy from the environment is the only way to achieve ultimate supply independence. To temporally store the harvested energy, a capacitor is preferred over a battery for integration reasons, but the amount of energy that needs to be stored on the capacitor puts a stringent limit on the achievability, as the die area explodes. The required capacitance could be reduced by minimizing the losses in the involved power delivery network (PDN). Therefore, this work proposes novel approaches to enhance the performance of fully integrated Switched-Capacitor Converters (SCCs) to address the challenges associated with capacitive energy storage.


6/11/2023 17:00 - 19:00


Auditorium Arenberg Castle