Event - 30 January 2024

PhD Defence: Terahertz Receivers in CMOS for Imaging Applications

Lectured by Ariane De Vroede


The Terahertz (THz) part of the electromagnetic spectrum (300 GHz – 3 THz) is largely unused because of severe technical challenges: generation and detection of these signals is difficult with electronic as well as photonic approaches. However, there are many possible THz applications. THz radiation is not ionizing and combines a small wavelength with the ability to penetrate many visually opaque materials. These properties make THz very interesting for imaging applications in fields such as security, medical imaging, and quality control. This PhD focused on the development of sensitive, compact and low-power THz receivers in CMOS for imaging applications.


30/1/2024 17:00 - 19:00


ESAT Aula C, B91.300