Event - 27 February 2024

PhD Defence: PCB-Embedded Polymer Waveguides for Flexible Interconnnects

Lectured by Joren Vaes


Polymer Microwave Fiber (PMF) is the use of a dielectric waveguide as guided channel at millimeter-wave and sub-terahertz frequencies. It has been highlighted as a promising technology for medium-range (<10 meter) high data rate applications, where copper wireline struggles to compete, and optical fiber remains very expensive. Dispersion (variations in the group delay versus frequency) has been shown to be a limiting factor to the achievable data rate. This PhD work focused on first studying the exact impact of dispersion, and then introducing new circuit, fiber and system solutions for pushing the data rate to higher speeds.


27/2/2024 17:00 - 19:00


Materiaalkunde (MTM) Aula 00.39