Event - 15 December 2023

PhD Defence: Automated Design-for-Test and Data-Learning-based Methods for Testing of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits

Lectured by Nektar Xama


Safety-critical and mission-critical systems, such as airplanes or (semi-)autonomous cars, are relying on an ever increasing number of embedded integrated circuits (ICs). Consequently, there is a need for complete defect coverage during the testing of these circuits, in order to guarantee their functionality in the field. In this context, reducing the escape rate of defects during IC production testing is crucial, and significant progress has been made to this end. In industry-scale IC production, continuous improvements in processing and testing have resulted in defect test escape rates gradually reaching levels below 100 PPB for analog and mixed-signal ICs. Newer methodologies are needed to reduce these rates even further in light of the ever-tightening reliability requirements in the automotive industry while keeping additional costs to a minimum. Since many of the remaining test escapes are latent defects, detecting these latent defects is a major challenge today. Safety-critical systems also require guaranteeing the correct functioning of the ICs over the entire product lifetime. There are, however, no industry-wide automated tools yet that can generate adequate tests to this end for analog/mixed-signal ICs.


15/12/2023 17:00 - 19:00


Aula Jozef Heuts (LAND 00.215)