Event - 12 March 2024

PhD Defence: Fully Integrated High-Voltage DC-DC and AC-DC Conversion

Lectured by Tuur Van Daele


High-voltage power sources are ubiquitous, ranging from the AC mains in buildings to the increasing bus voltages in the automotive industry and data centers. In contrast, emerging low-power applications, like home automation, LED drivers, and control circuits, demand low supply voltages. Bridging this voltage gap requires a voltage converter handling a high input voltage like 400 V while operating in the milliwatt output power range. Furthermore, complete integration of such converters enables cost-effective, reliable, and compact solutions. Yet, conventional approaches mandate at least two external components, attributed to their low duty cycles at high conversion steps and their dependence on an inductor.

This work explores switches-capacitor converters (SCCs) as a solution. They solely rely on switches and capacitors and maintain a high duty cycle regardless of the conversion step, which enables full integration. Despite their potential, state-of-the-art fully integrated SCCs are limited to 42 V input voltages and lack compatibility with AC inputs. To overcome these constraints, this work introduces topology and implementation techniques to push the input voltage to 400 V. Furthermore, it extends this topology to accommodate a wide input voltage range and to minimize the buffer capacitor size, thereby enabling AC mains inputs.


12/3/2024 17:00 - 19:00


Aula van de Tweede Hoofdwet (TI 01.02), Thermotechnisch Instituut