Event - 12 January 2024

InP for (sub-)mm-Wave Circuits: Going where CMOS can’t go

Lectured by Senne Gielen


The ever-increasing demand for higher speed communication links continues to push the operating frequency of circuits in order to obtain more bandwidth. While the scaling of CMOS technologies has historically facilitated this increase in operating frequency, the performance of the latest generations of CMOS technologies has not improved or even declined.

III-V technologies have the potential to operate at these higher operating frequencies more efficiently. One of the III-V technologies of interest is the indium phosphide (InP) technology, offering record fmax and decent power handling capabilities. This seminar will discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of mmWave and THz circuits in an InP HBT based technology. The focus will be mainly on the design of power amplifiers.


12/1/2024 11:00 - 12:00