Event - 26 January 2024

Design of Ultra-Compact Implantable Neural Readout Frontends with Stimulation Artifact-Tolerant Brain Feature Extraction

Lectured by Marco Francesco Carlino


The fight against degenerative neurological disorders still has a lot of road ahead, and to build the assistive neural implants of the future, high-performance compact readout frontends are one of the major critical building blocks to implement.

This seminar will provide a brief overview of the use cases and design challenges of implantable neural readout frontends, with a focus on ultra-compact multiplexed architectures. The results from the first prototype of the SCATMAN project, as well as experiments on stimulation-artifact-tolerant extraction of brain features will be discussed. This is of particular interest in the framework of real-time closed-loop neuromodulation systems that aim at treating symptoms such as epilepsy, Parkison’s disease and possibly many more. An outlook on the design of the second prototype chip will conclude the seminar.


26/1/2024 11:00 - 12:00