Event - 29 March 2024

Mechanical/Electronic Hybrid Weakly-Coupled Resonator (WCR) Design

Lectured by Ruopeng Chen


Weakly-coupled MEMS resonator shows great potential in different types of measurement applications because of its high sensitivity, good linearity and simple structure. However, due to the problems such as fabrication mismatch, low/none tunability and limited quality factor in the air, the purely MEMS WCR encountered a bottleneck in practical application.

A mechanical/electronic hybrid WCR system will be discussed in this seminar for its tunability and higher sensitivity. The proposed electronic part of the hybrid WCR system is designed for multi degree-of-freedom coupling application with different types of MEMS resonator. It contains a low-speed analog part at kHz range and a higher speed digital part at 100MHz, which can be used in a real-time WCR system with a resonating frequency from hundreds kHz to several MHz. The simulation results present the hybrid WCR system has the potential to have 1000x times higher sensitivity than conventional resonator sensors, which can be used in precise mass/pressure measurements. Some related PCB level verification of the proposed structure will also be showed in the seminar.


29/3/2024 11:00 - 12:00


ESAT 01.62