Admission and starting a PhD

Before all the below steps need to be fulfilled, you should first have an agreement from your future supervisor to start a PhD.

As a PhD researcher at MICAS, you will also be a PhD student at KU Leuven.

The admission requirements to become a KU Leuven PhD student can be found here:

As a PhD researcher at MICAS, you will also be fully employed at KU Leuven and profit as such from all related benefits (salary, insurances, public transport, …).

An overview of these benefits can be found here:

The Arenberg Doctoral School (ADS) is the doctoral school of the Science & Engineering Group at KU Leuven. ADS sets outs the regulations and guidlines for all our PhD students.

Some noteworthy links for our prospective PhD students are as follows:

  • The profile of a good PhD researcher and supervisor are described in the Charter of the PhD researcher and the supervisor:
  • The necessary milestones to successfully fulfill a PhD at ADS are described in the PhD roadmap:
  • It might be required that you take a predoctoral exam before being allowed to start a PhD at ADS. During a predoctoral period ,he candidate can acquire further skills to successfully do a PhD at KU Leuven.

Here you can learn if you will be required to take such a predoctoral exam.